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Lokelani Rose Body Oil

Lokelani Rose Body Oil

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Although the Lokelani, little Pink Roses are not native to Hawaiʻi, when meticulously prepared, they offer nourishment that revitalizes the skin, leaving it radiant and vibrant. 

The History of this little Rose is quite fascinating.

"Rosa damascena, the pink Damask rose, a native of Asia Minor was brought to the New World by the Spanish and introduced to Hawai'i in the early 1800s.  Some say that seamen from New England introduced this rose which is sometimes called loke-Hawai'i.  Others believe that the missionary women brought it with them.  It may have been the rose which was used in a wreath for the lace cap that complemented the first holoku worn by Kalakua in 1820.  Later, in 1829, C.S. Stewart reported it growing in the garden of Don Francisco Marin.

Soon the Rosa damascena became a very sought-after plant for Hawaiian gardens.  It became so popular in the gardens of Lahaina, Maui, that people finally nicknamed it the Maui rose.  It was along the roses that grew at McKee's Ulupalakua Rose Ranch.  Before long the poets and song composers began to sing its praises and they added the final touch by making the pink Damask rose synonymous with the island of Maui.  The Territorial Legislature of 1923 in a joint resolution, officially established the lokelani as the flower of Maui.  It is the only post discovery plant to be recognized as the official flower of any of the Hawaiian Islands."

Reference:  Ka Lei, The Leis of Hawaii by Marie A. McDonald

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