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Lokelani Bundle

Lokelani Bundle

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Loke Lani, roselani; n. a common small red rose that has been substituted for the pink rose, now rare as the flower of Maui. (Neal 394.) From: 

A divine skincare bundle inspired by the rare beauty of the Lokelani rose. Each product is carefully crafted with wild-harvested Lokelani roses, renowned for their exquisite fragrance and skin-loving properties.

1. Lokelani Body Butter: Immerse yourself in luxury with our Lokelani Body Butter. Formulated with nourishing coco butter, mango butter, and rose-infused jojoba oil, it delivers intense hydration while promoting skin elasticity and suppleness. Lokelani roses infuse this butter with antioxidants, helping to rejuvenate and protect your skin from environmental stressors.
2. Rose Body Oil: Indulge in the delicate scent of Lokelani roses with our Rose Body Oil. This luxurious blend of rose-infused jojoba oil, rose petals, and mica powder leaves your skin with a luminous glow. Rich in vitamins and fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes and soothes, revealing silky-smooth, radiant skin.
3. Rose Oil Gardenia Roll-On: Experience the enchanting fusion of Lokelani roses and gardenia with our Rose Oil Gardenia Roll-On. Infused with rose-infused jojoba oil and a hint of rose essential oil, this portable roll-on delivers a captivating floral aroma while providing on-the-go hydration and relaxation. Perfect for enhancing your mood and nourishing your skin wherever you go.

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