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Kakoʻo Awiwi | Herbal First Aid Kit

Kakoʻo Awiwi | Herbal First Aid Kit

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Inside the Kakoʻo Awiwi Herbal First Aid Kit, you'll discover a fushion Laʻau Lapaʻau and western and herbs -a curated selection of nature's remedies to address a wide range of common ailments and injuries:

  1. Healing Wound Ointment: A soothing and potent ointment crafted from nature's bounty to promote rapid healing of wounds and minor cuts.

  2. Sprain Salve: For those unexpected twists and turns, our sprain salve offers relief and support to sore muscles and strained joints.

  3. Antiseptic Spray: Keep infections at bay with our antiseptic spray, designed to cleanse and disinfect minor wounds and scratches.

  4. Sting Roll-on Relief: Instant relief from pesky insect bites and stings – because outdoor adventures should be bite-free!

  5. First Defense Nasal Inhaler: Breathe easy with our herbal nasal inhaler, packed with natural botanicals to boost your respiratory health and defend against congestion.

  6. Organic Q-tips: For precise and hygienic ointment application, our organic Q-tips are a must-have addition to your first aid arsenal.

  7. Olena (Turmeric): Harness the power of turmeric to prevent excessive bleeding and promote quick clotting when faced with minor cuts or wounds.

  8. Ono + Awa Keiki Club Wahiʻeha-Bandages: These unique, playful bandages are perfect for covering and protecting minor injuries while adding a touch of Hawaiian charm to your healing process.

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