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Pō Naturals

Heal Trio Roller Blend Gift Set

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This trio pack is perfect for you car, purse or even pocket. These multi purpose products are packed with natural remedies that keep you healthy and pain free all year around.

  • Breathe Easy Roller Blend
  • Flu-Away Roller Blend
  • Pain Relief  Roller Blend
  • Gift box (colors may vary)

Meaning of Pō

The inspiration to name this business Pō came from the Kumulipo.In Hawaiʻi, our Kumulipo (Ancient creation chant) is over 2,000 lines. It is our cosmogonic genealogy.  

In the Kumulipo, Pō is the beginning of all time and space. It is the abyss in which every living thing emerged. In this sense, Pō reminds us to return to the creator, creation or nature for assistance in our healing process.

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