What Does it Mean?

Our Kumulipo (Ancient creation chant) is over 2,000 lines. It is our cosmogonic genealogy. In the Kumulipo, Po is the beginning. Po is also the darkness of the night. In PO is the abyss in which every living thing emerged. The beginning.

Po is also within us. Our internal abyss. Our internal  we find ourselves stuck in a rut or not feeling well,

Po inspires us to return to the creator or the beginning.




For those who don’t know me and all my children, here we are.

I’ve been making natural remedies ever since the birth of my first child, twelve years ago!

I am inspired by the traditional healing of the world. Mostly inspired by Mama Earth & my Hawaiian Ancestry.

I am one who always questions the status quo which is why I rely on evidence-based research to guide my decisions on natural remedies.

I’m no doctor, I’m just a mom that’s passionate about remedying my family in every way possible. And now, 12 years and 5 kids later, I’m passionate about remedying your family too! 


Me Ke Aloha Nui!


Alohilani K.

PO BOX 6917

Kamuela, HI 96743


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