It is our mission to bring awareness to the benefits of holistic care. kuūpuna holistic alternatives to our community and beyond. 

Our vision is to infuse ancient Hawaiian medicinals with other medicinal practices of the world to create unique, effective products. 

Owner & operator,  Alohilani is honored and humbled to be born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi, a descendant of Hawaiian ancestry, she was taught her Kupuna (ancestors') ancient medicinal practices at a young age.  


Infusing ancient Hawaiian medicinal & modern practices into her own home, Alohi is one who questions the status quo, relying on evidence based research to guide her decisions in holistic care.

Passionate about remedying her family in every way possible,  she passionate about remedying your family too!  



What Does Pō Mean?

Our Kumulipo (Ancient creation chant) is over 2,000 lines. It is our cosmogonic genealogy.


In the Kumulipo, Pō is the beginning of all time and space. It is the abyss in which every living thing emerged. 

Pō inspires us to return to the creator or the beginning for assistance in our healing process.