Our Mission

 It is our mission to bring awareness to the benefits of holistic care & to provide holistic alternatives to our community and beyond. 

Our vision is to infuse ancient Hawaiian medicinals with other medicinal practices of the world to create unique, effective products. 


Meet the Owner


ʻO wau Alohilani, no Kealakekua Mai au. Noho au ma Kohala, Hawaiʻi.

I am Alohilani, I was born in Kealakekua and now reside in Kohala, Hawaiʻi.


I am the owner & operator of Pō Naturals. 


I am one who questions the status quo, relying on evidence based research to guide my decisions in holistic care so 

 when my keiki (children) were having allergic reactions to over-the-counter products,

I took it upon myself to learn as much as I could about why. I began to realize that majority of store products & the over-the-counter medications were made with chemicals that are banned in other countries. This hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew I had to do something, quick. 


I became quickly passionate about remedying my family in every way possible. I began to make my own remedies out of local, organic ingredients. 

Eventually incorporating ancient healing wisdom of Hawaiʻi & modern alternative practices, fusing together the old & new to create quality local products.


Now, Im passionate about remedying your family! 

And I am so grateful.

Me Ke Aloha Nui

(with lots of love),

xoxo Alohi 



Meaning of Pō

The inspiration to name this business Pō came from the Kumulipo.

In Hawaiʻi, our Kumulipo (Ancient creation chant) is over 2,000 lines.

It is our cosmogonic genealogy. 


In the Kumulipo, Pō is the beginning of all time and space. It is the abyss in which every living thing emerged. It reminds us to return to the creator, creation or nature for assistance in our healing process.


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